A Mother Films Herself Sleeping And Discovers Why She Is Always Tired

Being a Mother is the best and the most beautiful thing in the world. But that doesn’t mean it is easy, as one of the biggest challenges a new mother face is sleepless nights because it is difficult to get babies to sleep. Melanie Darnell, a social media influencer, went viral when she shared her restless kids’ bedtime routine with the world. She filmed her night routine as a result of waking up tired every morning. Melanie couldn’t believe what she saw in the footage the following day. Read on to know her story:

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Introducing Melanie Darnell

Melanie Darnell is an Instagram influencer with a page @fitmomma4three that has over 91.4k followers and counting. She describes herself as an “Active Mom of 3” who is dedicated to “Gentle Parenting,” raising a “Vegan Family,” and has a “Daily dose of movement.” She started her motherhood journey way before the sleeping video went viral.

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