A Mother Films Herself Sleeping And Discovers Why She Is Always Tired

A mother is not a stranger to sharing helpful parenting advice. We are to learn about a shocking revelation from her motherhood journey. Read on to know what happened:

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Parenting Difficulties

Darnell, just like other mothers, has the whole mothering thing figured out, but that being said, she also has faced her fair share of ups and downs. After giving birth to her kids, Darnell did a great job of getting back to shape and inspiring her kids to enjoy and love healthy food. Her open and gentle approach to parenting made it clear that she’s a great mother, but there was one aspect of motherhood she struggled with, i.e., putting her kids to sleep.

Feeling worn-out

Followed by the birth of her 3rd child, Darnell could not get over the fact about how many mornings she would wake up feeling exhausted. No matter how early she went to bed or how many hours of sleep she got, Darnell would wake up the next morning feeling more tired than she already was the night before. She could not figure out why she was exhausted because she was getting enough sleep.

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