A Mother Films Herself Sleeping And Discovers Why She Is Always Tired

Lack of Space?

Almost a year after the video went viral, Mellina Darnell shared another inside her kids’ shared room. From climbing out of the crib to playing with a fan, her kids pulled all sorts of shenanigans. So the decision to share the room proved to be great. Darnell said, “All three kids choose to sleep in the same room; despite having options to sleep independently. They all require unique sleep requirements, but they can make it work.”

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Bedtime Tips

Darnell’s motherhood taught her that bedtime is often the most challenging part of the day. She had to come up with a routine that worked for everyone. She usually conducts team meetings where the family discusses their bedtime plans. Darnell was very serious about establishing a strict exit time and making a chart with pictures of their nighttime routine. However, once you establish the rules, it is necessary to stick to them, but Darnell is no stranger to breaking them.

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