A Mother Films Herself Sleeping And Discovers Why She Is Always Tired


Melanie Darnell couldn’t figure out what was causing her sleep troubles, so she turned to high-tech solutions. So, she decided to purchase a NEST Camera to film and figure out what happened during the night. It seemed like an easy plan, but the real shocker was when she watched the time-lapse video the next day. Darnell on Instagram explained, “As a self-science experiment and maybe visual justification for my dramatic statements of ‘literally’ not getting to sleep at night anymore, I duct-taped my NEST cam to the ceiling and let the night play out.”

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Tough Balance

Regardless of what the NEST cam would say about her night struggles, one thing for sure was that Darnell would not change her priorities as a parent. It was important for her as a good mother to be a mother during the day and the night because she knew that parenting doesn’t end when the sun goes down.

Darnell explained, “You have two nighttime parenting goals (1) get sufficient rest yourself and (2) meet the nutritional and emotional needs of your child. It’s a tough balance.”

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