What Were You in a Past Life based on What You See First

Take the Quiz and Find out What were you in your past life based on your subconscious. Select The first image your subconscious recognizes in these set of images to play.

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You have everything in your subconscious. You are absolutely unaware of the existence of the subconscious but without you realizing it, it works, records and stores all the good or bad experiences that you have gone through.

Past lives almost never identify who we were. At most, clues allowing the search for this identity.And oddly enough, they often contain answers to problems related to our current life.

Example: unexplained phobias, obsessions.

It can also be the source of unexplained gifts: poetry, music, painting, aptitude for certain languages, etc.

Past lives are considered plausible if the subject’s memories cannot be part of current knowledge. In this case, it is a question of innate aptitudes. The split personality may be the result of an undisclosed previous life (simple hypothesis).

Without further delay, take this quiz and reveal what you were in a past life based on your subconscious memory and what it recognizes first in these pictures test.

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